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Welcome to Eternal Flame
We are a newly founded, Europe based, mature kinship with casual but active players. The founders are former wow players and raiders. We aim to have a raiding team in the kin, but we are still leveling. We do not aim to be a large kin, just to be large enough. We do not aim to be a hard core raiding kin, but we do want to get to kill stuff on occasion. We want to enjoy the full content of the game in a friendly and tolerant environment and in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with people we like. We aren't really into role playing but all other content we wish to explore and enjoy. We are in no hurry to increase the number of members in the kin, we see it as we are growing a family. We will welcome those who share our values and abide by our rules (read our kinship charter before applying) and who are willing to contribute to the kin. If you want to be a part of building this kin in the spirit outlined above, please fill out the application. If you are just passing through this is not for you.

As a member you will have access to all functions on this website which include a calendar, online chat, messaging and forums. When the kin reaches rank 7 (90 days life span), there will be a kin house and by the time we have enough members for a raiding team we will also have a mumble server set up.

If you want to be a part of Eternal Flame please fill out the application form. Please use the name of your main as account name. There will be a reply to your application on the website and if it meets with our approval you will be asked to contact an officer in game for further questioning.
  Vildra: The servers seem to be down, not even the official forums are reachable. :(
  Vildra: Read up on tactics folks! And sign up :)
  Lekky: hey
  Vildra: Hm, looks like I'm alone tomorrow. Come on sign up ppl!
  Lekky: test, test!
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